Live On Your Terms

There are lots of unfathomable things about life; like the concept of death. No matter what we do, humans have no control over death and it will happen when that time comes. But nobody knows when or how. It’s a very inexplicable dilemma.

Nevertheless, one thing is very certain. One would have to be born, and be alive before death comes knocking. Now, being alive is filled with lots of mysteries. You have to do so much, keep so much in check to make it worth it. But I would like to think that most of us just stay alive. We never really feel alive.

If you’re reading this, I’m not a stranger to what you’re going through in the least bit. Trust me, we have all had our ups and downs and everybody is trying their best to regroup and make something out of this life we have been given. But would you rather stay alive or feel alive? 

You might be wondering, what is the big difference between staying alive and being alive? Staying alive simply means you’re not dead so you’re living but you’re just living. You’re living your normal 9 to 5, you are doing all the things you need to do to keep staying alive but are you truly living the life you want? Do you feel alive?

There probably would have been lots of instances that you didn’t quite feel too alive. This article is about helping you truly realize that there is still so much that you can take out of life. There is still so much you can do to feel alive. Here are a few things I can highlight for you;

  • Find a hobby
  • Find a hobby partner if that wouldn’t be so much of a stretch
  • Join a reading group or a book club
  • Take yoga classes
  • Practice mindfulness 

These are just a few of the things that you could do to feel alive but there is still one more thing I would like you to try. JOURNALING. You don’t necessarily have to possess a flair or knack for writing before you do this but I would advise you to please scribble what you can whenever you can. It could start with three letters, then five, then fifteen, then twenty words.

Just make sure you are journaling something. It helps to free your mind and help you access things. You might be reading this and you’re asking yourself, could I do this? Could I feel alive instead of staying alive?

You know deep down within you that you do want to feel alive so you need to stop making yourself feel like you do not deserve a shot at happiness because you do. You deserve that and so much more. Whatever pain you must have felt in the past, it all comes down to this one moment.

So I’m going to leave you with one question; would you take that pain and turn it around for good or just let it keep tormenting you?

By, Crystal S. Amon

Copyrighted 2022

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Welcome to Chasing Recovery

Welcome and congrats

By, Crystal S. Amon

Congratulations on successfully escaping your addiction and joining thousands of others who are on the road to recovery. However, rejoining society after a stint in rehab, jail, or self-imposed isolation can be very difficult at times.

Everywhere you turn, you will see something that reminds you of your time spent in the grip of your addiction. Just breathe throughout each temptation and keep moving forward, while reminding yourself that you don’t live there anymore.

Never allow yourself to become overwhelmed by the temptation you will face in society, instead let it empower you. Walk away and smile, because you have just won another huge victory in your personal recovery!

You may feel alone or like you have lost everyone, but the truth is you have gained yourself throughout the storm of addiction and that is more valuable than 100 fake friends. Make new friends who can encourage you whenever you feel weak, especially if you do not have a sponsor through your rehab or AA program.

You will run into the people that you used with, but you must remind yourself that they were never your friend in the first place. Always remember that they used you to feed their addiction too, by making sure you stayed hooked on whatever substance you used and they probably pushed you to share.

Ask yourself, have you heard from them since you started your journey to become sober? Have they even bothered to call and check up on you or have they just distanced themselves from you?

Don’t give into temptation because you run in to an old so-called friends that still uses and asks if you want to get high or drunk. Temptation is all around you when you are trying to avoid alcohol, because of the television commercials and stores you visit every day.

You must cling to your higher power and just breathe through it and get away from the situation as soon as you can. One day, the temptation will not be as strong; instead you will be able to handle it without falling apart inside.

Stay away from the old places you used to frequent where the dealers hang out, even if it is your work place or the neighborhood store. Do not be afraid to change your entire routine or get a new job, if you have to in order to remain sober and in recovery.

You did whatever it took to get high or drunk, now dig deep and do what you got to do to stay clean. Raise your head high and be proud of yourself, because you are learning how to cope with and beat your addiction…one day at a time!

Copyrighted 2022

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Escape the Toxic Drama

By, Crystal S. Amon

Many times in your life, you will need to evaluate the people who are in your life. You will need to decide their actual value to your life. You will need to ask yourself some important questions about their true character, before you hang out with them for even a moment.

Remember, cut ties with any family and friends who are absolutely toxic to your recovery. However, some people are dangerous to your head and you need to know who they are.These types of people will literally drain every ounce of your joy and happiness, because they refuse to get help for their own mental issues.

These people tend to be negative and mean, especially when you have good news. Unfortunately, they will make you feel like you cannot do anything right, because they will say negative things about you to your face and behind your back. Extreme disrespect will disrupt your life constantly, but you make excuses or overlook these negative qualities. 

Honestly, you love them and want a better relationship with them despite the many heartaches and silent tears. Now it’s time to change the situation by distancing yourself from the ones who bring drama to your life. Stay away from them, period!

Never allow this type of toxic relationship to control you, while you work on ways to begin healing yourself.

Copyrighted 2022

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Rain Brings Blessings

By, Crystal S. Amon

Sometimes, life can seem like it does nothing but rain on you, whether it is your finances or your health. It will seem like a damn hurricane is brewing and your holding on for dear life.

However, look past the blinding rain and you will see a beautiful rainbow forming in the distance. Stay focused on that rainbow and don’t give up! Each tiresome step will bring you so much closer to the goal that you have set for yourself.

Never let anyone tell you that you are weak or that you are giving up, because you are not doing things the way that they think you should. Honestly, they cannot see what you see, so keep your eyes wide open and keep focused on saving money or changing the way you eat.

Whatever your goal is…go at it hard no matter how much rain comes at you because that rainbow is forming. So, focus and dig deep, because you can do anything that you have set your mind too!

Keep your eyes on the goal or rainbow that is ahead of you, but always be aware of distractions which will try to pull you away from your original goal. More rain will enter your life and you will feel defeated; yet don’t lose heart over the setbacks that you will definitely face.

Instead, refocus and find that rainbow once again and keep striving to reach it. Before you know it, you will have reached your goal and the rain will have moved while leaving beautiful flowers in its path.

Copyrighted 2022

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Discover Your True Self

Your Choice!

By, Crystal S. Amon

During active addiction, the pain of losing yourself is a tough burden to bear. You may have done things that you are ashamed of to get that drug of choice or next hit. Never allow yourself to be riddled with guilt.

Honestly, asking for forgiveness is a way to free yourself from the pain and shame but you will always carry your painful scars but they can heal. Try to make amends but if you can’t or will cause more harm, then seek your higher power.

Find out who you truly are during your recovery, by seeing a therapist and talk about the painful scars you have. Only you can change your life from the painful chains of addiction to chasing recovery and discovering exactly who you are deep inside. 

Learning to live beyond addiction is painful in itself, but you can recover and heal as you grow into the person your striving to be. Loving yourself again is hard but you can find happiness without a drug or your next hit. 

Chase sobriety, just as hard as you chased the drug or fix you once needed. Learn who you truly are despite the scars and painful memories, while you discover ways to heal along the journey.

You’re beautiful and talented despite your past mistakes! You deserve happiness and peace, which you will obtain once you have found your true self once again. This journey starts with you and only you, so take the first step today!

Your Truth is Waiting

Copyrighted 2022

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Change Your Reaction

Change Your Life

By, Crystal S. Amon

Many times people will take you wrong whether over texting or even face to face, because of how they perceive what you are saying. Unfortunately, you can’t change the way someone reacts to your communications or actions.

You can control how you react to anything that they say to you or how they act toward you. Don’t participate in their craziness, by just not talking to them or quickly walking away from the situation. Never allow someone to ruin your peace, because they have misunderstood what you have texted them or have spoken to them.

The negativity will destroy you and cause you to second guess who you are, because they have to see you as the bad guy. Perception is a killer of relationships, but you can try to help them understand but most of the time they won’t listen.

So, let that shit go, walk away and keep moving because their opinion means nothing to you and your life. If they are your partner, take a break and then try to communicate again but sometimes it is just not worth the damn battle.

They may get stuck it one train of thought, which becomes a thorn in the relationship and it may grow into a divider that you cannot climb over. Suck it up, keep focused on your goals and don’t react to the petty comments and the bullshit that they will throw at you.

Be real and know that you did your best, in order to convey your thoughts, but it was perceived wrong and you cannot change anyone but you!

Copyright 2019

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Find Your True Purpose

Stay True to Yourself

By, Crystal S. Amon

Never expect someone to tell you your true purpose in life, because it will never be that simple to find out what you were meant to do or be. It will take a lot of soul-searching to find out what brings out your own desires or passions.

Follow things that inspire you that will allow you to create the life that you want, while also showing you yearn to become in the future. Sometimes, you may take a wrong turn or even five, but remember don’t give up on yourself!

Your true destiny is waiting for you to discover it, while you are building your life the way you want it. Take your time figuring out what your purpose is in life, because you don’t want to start doing something that you will end up hating later in life.

This will allow you to find and prepare yourself for the purpose that you believe that is tailor made for you and your dreams. Furthermore, allow yourself to dream big and discover what you love to do or be with.

When you find your passion and purpose, you will find a more peaceful existence that will allow you to be excited about your future prospects. You will have your ups and downs, soon you will become someone who is fighting to reach your full potential.

Know who you are and what your passions are, will ultimately lead you in the direction that is best for you. So dig deep and begin finding out your purpose, instead of wasting your time on things that do help find your passions and desires.

Find Your True Purpose Now

Copyrighted 2019

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Escape the Prison in Your Mind

Found on Facebook 2020

By, Crystal S. Amon

Focus on your new or favorite hobby, which you loved to do before your addiction brutally ensnared you and your life. This hobby can be writing, drawing, gaming, watching movies, helping animals, painting.

Honestly, you must focus on something positive in your life and divert your mind off the withdrawal symptoms that you are experiencing. Dive right into becoming the person you want to be, instead of feeling like you have to just endure your withdrawal symptoms and the bad thoughts that race through your mind.

Keep your head held high and know that every day is a new day to work on becoming the person you want to be. Once you make the decision to enter recovery, you have decided you want to live addiction free and chase recovery.

Gather up your tools that you will need to begin focusing on your hobby again or to create a new one. Put everything you have into your hobby and keep thinking about positive things. Don’t trap yourself into a mind war which keeps you focused on the pain and symptoms you feel at this moment.

Soon, the symptoms will fade and you will be closer to living life on your own terms. Focusing on your symptoms will only cause you to relapse, so stay strong and focus on your hobbies that you stopped in your addiction as well as find new ones. Chase that hobby like you ran after your drug of choice!

Reach out for help or lean on your higher power in times of need, but adjust your focus to something positive at all time while regaining your life. Keep moving forward and soon you will absolutely be the person you dreamed of being.

Escape the prison of you mind, while enjoying the hobbies that you love to do. No one can stop the way you think, but you can by diverting your entire focus on things you love creating or doing. Think about how much your life has changed since you entered recovery.

Raise your head high and be proud of yourself for escaping addiction’s brutal snare. Stay strong and build your new life starting with changing your thoughts and focus. Start building your hobbies up once again and beat the addiction.

Copyright 2019

(I am not a licensed therapist, Based on personal experience.)

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Our New Logo

Hope you like our new logo designed by Lyn Lomasi,. I want to thank her for her hard work and creative instinct as she created exactly what I described. Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoy my posts and future work on this blog.

Thank you,

Crystal S. Amon

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So You Had A Bad Day

Now what do you do with that statement? You have been beaten and bruised by life’s obstacles. Yet, your someone’s inspiration that you never knew was watching you.

Then, suddenly someone actually says, “You’re a Warrior. Be proud!”  

Proud of what? You are now a survivor and your whole life changes again. However, you are learning what friends and family are toxic to your life.  Unfortunately, your lifestyle change will make the losers and users in your life scatter like roaches.  

You will recognize the toxic persons who are constantly suffocating you with their bad choices. Losing them will sting, and a burn but soon you will replace them with good people who want to see you excel in all that you do.

So, this was a hard week and it has made you feel down on yourself. Right now, you are dancing with anger and it feels hopeless. Maybe, you just want to escape the constant thoughts, which are being repeated on auto loop and is so loud in your head. 

Do you ever feel like you are over whelmed by the hell that you personally endured? 

Remember that,

I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.” Philippians 4:13  

Your mind is not broken yet, so just stop and breathe. Now, focus on your options that right in front of you. Your career and your immediate family. Study until you feel you are ready to became a name in your chosen profession. 

Chase that dream every moment you have to yourself and let your immediate family be the center of your life, not those who drain you.

Joy comes with the morning!

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